Oct 19 2012

"The success of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix, not to mention Wall Street firms and industries from manufacturing and retail to healthcare, is increasingly driven by better tools for extracting meaning from very large quantities of data. 'Data Scientist' is now the hottest job title in Silicon Valley.”

-Tim O’Reilly

From basic statistics to machine learning and new ways to think about visualization, the Data Science Starter Kit gives you the tools you need to get started with data. If you haven’t yet taken the leap, why wait? And if you’re already experienced with data, the Starter Kit will push you further. The package includes (8) titles on R, basic statistics and data analysis, Python, machine learning, and visualization.

This kit includes everything you need from analysis, visualization, to management.

More books, ebooks, videos and details here: http://shop.oreilly.com/category/get/data-science-kit.do

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